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What are ProVAL workshops?

As part of the implementation of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) smoothness initiative, ProVAL was developed to provide a means to view and analyze pavement profiles efficiently and robustly.

As features in ProVAL continue to be added via various upgrades, and as the software is increasingly used by agencies and contractors, there is an increasing need for customized ProVAL workshops that provide training for various levels of users. To meet this need, we offer workshops around the U.S. which focus on:

  • familiarizing users with the current version of ProVAL,
  • refreshing users of key fundamentals of profiling and analysis methods,
  • sharing knowledge on the advantages, limitations, and pitfalls related to analyzing and interpreting pavement profiles, and
  • providing an interactive and hands-on approach to learning ProVAL.
Who should attend?

ProVAL workshops are designed for all levels of professionals in the profiling industry:

  • state agencies (construction acceptance, implementation of smoothness specifications, profilers/operators certifications),
  • constructors (construction inspection, construction operation, project bidding),
  • consultants (profiling services, construction of smooth pavements),
  • researchers and equipment manufacturers (improvement of ride quality/indexes, familiarization with the popular profile analysis tool that their clients may use).
How do I request a ProVAL workshop?

If you are interested in ProVAL workshops, please contact:

Dr. George K. Chang, PE
The Transtec Group
6111 Balcones Dr., Austin, Texas 78731, U.S.A.
Phone: +1 (512) 451 6233, ext. 227
Email: GKChang at TheTranstecGroup dot com (replace the “at” and “dot” with symbols)

How do I (attendee) register for a ProVAL workshop?

Generally, you may register for specific workshops online through the ProVAL website. Occasionally, registration may need to go through a local workshop organizer.

Are there different types of ProVAL workshops? What is best for me?

To address the specific needs of a diverse group of ProVAL users, we offer two workshops: the Essential ProVAL Workshop and Advanced ProVAL Workshop.

Essential ProVAL Workshop

The fundamentals of pavement profiling and the basic features of ProVAL are emphasized in this workshop. No mathematical formulas will be presented, and complexity will be avoided. Instead, a more descriptive approach will be taken using images and providing the participants with “must-know” concepts. Simple case studies will be used to direct the participants through a complete analysis project, showing the practical side of the concepts.


08:30 am ProVAL program setup and check up
09:00 am Session 1 – Introduction and Overview
09:30 am Session 2 – Fundamentals of Pavement Profiling
10:00 am Break
10:15 am Session 3 – Vehicle Ride and Ride Indices
11:15 am Session 4 – Profile Comparison
12:00 pm Break

01:30 pm Session 5 – Power Spectral Density – PSD
02:15 pm Session 6 – Smoothness Assurance Module – SAM
03:00 pm Break
03:15 pm More Hands-on Exercises
04:30 pm Session 7 – Conclusion and Workshop Evaluation
05:00 pm Adjourn

Advanced ProVAL Workshop

To fit the needs of our advanced users, we offer this workshop, which explores ProVAL in more depth. Though some “back to basics” material will be presented as a refresher, the effort will instead be concentrated on understanding the technical background behind each of the ProVAL features. Along with the theory, a more advanced set of workshop examples will be used to keep profiling specialists more engaged during the workshop. A sample agenda is available upon request.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding ProVAL workshops!