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Introductory Documents

Introductory documents for the ProVAL software are available in multiple languanges. They contain general information about ProVAL software, training workshops, and contact information.

PPF Profile Data Format Specification

ProVAL’s native PPF profile data format is used to store imported profiles from various different formats. Profile software developers or profiler manufacturers may find it useful to produce profile data in this format. The ASTM International specification “E 2560-13: Standard Specification for Data Format for Pavement Profile” is based on the ProVAL PPF data file specification 1.05.

Using ProVAL in Smoothness Specifications

There are many specifications that include ProVAL as the official, standard analysis and report tool, e.g. US AASHTO smoothness specifications, FHWA Federal Lands, and many U.S. DOT specifications.  See “Using ProVAL in Smoothness Specifications” on the smoothness specifications website ( for further details.

Documents and Publications

  • George K. Chang, Steven M. Karamihas, Robert Otto Rasmussen, David Merritt, Mark Swanlund, Quantifying the Impact of Jointed Concrete Pavement Curling and Warping on Pavement Uneveness, 6th symposium on pavement surface characteristics (SURF), Slovenia, 2008.
  • Chang, G.K., Watkins, J., and Orthmyer, R., Practical Implementation of Automated Fault Measurement Based on Pavement Profiles, International Symposium on Pavement Performance: Trends, Advances, and Challenges, STP 1555, ASTM International, ISBN13: 978-0-8031-7541-9, 2012.
  • Brian Schleppi and John Roberts, Improving Rideability at a Newly Constructed Pavement-Bridge Interface – A Case Study, International Grinding and Grooving Association (IGGA) publication, June, 2010.

Profiling Equipment Vendors

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