ProVAL News

ProVAL 3.61.34 Released

Fixed an issue that caused some projects to not be openable.

Download ProVAL 3.61.34


  • Fix: Exporting sections to files could cause the exported files to not be usable. A fix is also included to allow ProVAL to be able to open affected files and projects.

ProVAL 3.61.32 Released

Various fixes. Changes are listed in the Release Notes and also provided below.

Download ProVAL 3.61.32

File Import

  • Fix: Texas PRO files with a letter suffix in the beginning reference marker could not be imported.


  • Fix: Crash if the lead-in and lead-out caused all of the profile to be removed.
  • Fix: Changes to the file caused the Report button to be enabled, leading to a crash if pressed.

Analysis – Profiler Certification

  • Fix: The detailed section for the PDF report was not shown for the left profiles.


  • Fix: Crash if no “Open File” was pressed but no files were selected.

ProVAL + ICDM-Veta Workshops in IL, May 14-17, 2019

It is a golden opportunity to learn both ProVAL and ICDM-Veta at the same location! Well, you can also choose either one. ProVAL-Pavement Smoothness workshops and Intelligent Construction Data Management-Veta workshops will be held back-to-back in IL from May 14 to 17, 2019. The schedule and locations are as follows:

May 14 (Tuesday) IC-Veta workshop in Chicago, IL
May 15 (Wednesday) ProVAL workshop in Chicago, IL
May 16 (Thursday) ProVAL workshop in Springfield, IL
May 17 (Friday) IC-Veta workshop in Springfield, IL

The seats for the workshops are limited and available at first-come-first basis. The registration information is as follows and the registration form can be downloaded here:

2019 ProVAL Workshop Schedule Updated

The 2019 ProVAL Workshop Schedule is updated. The upcoming workshops include:

February 20, 2019 Little Rock, AR- Inivitation by : ARDOT

March 5, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT – Invitation by : UDOT

April 8, 2019 Sacramento, CA- Register via : CalAPA

April 19, 2019 Sapporo, Japan – Register via JRPUG conference

May, 2019 TBA, IL, USA TBA