ProVAL 3.4 Highlights


Enhanced localized roughness report in Smoothness Assurance

The Fixed Interval analysis now reports the number of defective segments contained in each interval. The count is reported as a table column and a second count is provided after the grinding simulation is performed. The defect count is based on the Short Continuous specifications.

Advanced report for Profiler Certification

This new report option provides more detailed results than the current summary report.

Locating profiles on a map in a Web browser or Google Earth

Geographical inputs (global positioning system – GPS) have been added to the Editor. These coordinate locations can then be shown on a map in the default web browser. Inputs have been added for the file’s start and stop locations, as well as for event markers. Consult the User’s Guide for more details.

.NET Requirements changed

ProVAL has been updated to take advantage of Microsoft’s .NET 4.0 Client Profile. If you do not already this installed, it will be downloaded and installed for you. See the installation guide for more details.

Other major changes

Charts and reports have seen significant changes. All Profile Synchronization results are now shown on the same chart. Ride Quality inputs and results behavior is no longer the same.  Be sure to read the Release Notes and the User’s Guide to best take advantage of these changes.