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Online ProVAL Workshop on 12/2/2020 – FREE for Students

The Transtec Group now offers online ProVAL pavement smoothness workshops. Sign up now for the next hands-on, virtual workshop on December 2nd, 2020 beginning at 7 am CDT.

The workshop will consist of two 80-minute sessions with a 20-minute break in between.

  • Session 1: Basic Profiling and IRI Analysis
  • Session 2: Advanced Topics Including Smoothness Assurance Module (SAM)

The first two sessions are ***pre-recorded. *** We’ll then conduct a live Q-&-A for 20 min. after the 3-hour session.

The cost to attend is $200 per person. DOTs can use “DOT” as the discount code. Students can use “STUDENT” as the discount code to attend the workshop for FREE! Seats are limited!

Attendees will need to use two computer screens, one for viewing the instructions and one for running the ProVAL software. Download and install the latest ProVAL software for free before the workshop.

ProVAL 3.5, a pavement profile viewing and analysis tool, displays the results of a pavement smoothness analysis on an aerial map.

ProVAL is an engineering software application used to view and analyze pavement profiles. In ProVAL, users can import profiles from various file formats and save them in the Pavement Profile standard file type. Entire analysis projects can be saved, which preserves user information and analysis inputs. After analyses have been performed, the user can print a report of the original profiles and the results of any analyses performed. ProVAL has been adopted by many agencies around the world. Learn more at

Excerpt from the ProVAL workshop handouts: