FAQ ProVAL Software

What is ProVAL?

ProVAL is an engineering software application that allows users to view and analyze pavement profiles in many different ways. ProVAL is a US FHWA/LTPP product, and was originally released in 2001.

What does ProVAL do?

Users can import profiles from various file formats and save them in the Pavement Profile standard file type. Entire analysis projects can be saved, which preserves user information and analysis inputs. After analyses have been performed, the user can print a report of the original profiles and the results of any analyses performed.

What is the latest version of ProVAL?

The latest version of ProVAL is 3.x, which most specifications refer to.

Older versions—2.7 or earlier—are depreciated, and technical support for these versions is no longer provided.

Is ProVAL Free?

Yes! The development and support of ProVAL is sponsored by the FHWA in the US. You can download the software and install it on your computer for free. However, you will need to agree to the end users’ license agreement during installation.

What types of analyses can ProVAL do?

The current version of ProVAL provides the following analyses:

  • Standard Ride Statistics
  • Fixed-Interval Ride Statistics
  • Continuous Ride Statistics
  • Power Spectral Density (PSD)
  • Profilograph Simulation
  • Rolling Straightedge Simulation
  • Localized Roughness Identification (Tex-1001-S); (Version 2.7 and earlier)
  • Cross Correlation
  • Profiler Certification
  • Precision and Bias (ASTM E 950)
  • Smoothness Assurance Module (SAM)
  • Automated joint Fault Measurement (AFM)
  • Optimal Weigh-in-Motion Site Locator (OWL)

What is the profile standard file format that ProVAL uses?

The Pavement Profile Standard File format (filename extension PPF) is a binary-based file format created for ProVAL. It is efficient, portable, stable, and upgradeable. The ASTM International profile data file specification is based on this format.

Can I import other file formats into ProVAL?

Yes! You can import the following ProVAL-compatible file formats:

  • Ames (.ldf, .adf)
  • Dipstick (.elv) — ProVAL 3.0 and later
  • Dynatest (.rsp)
  • KJ Law (.a*, .p*) — both binary and text formats
  • TxDOT (.txt, .dat, .pro)
  • UMTRI (.erd, .bin) — both binary and text formats

Contact your profiler manufacturers if their data formats are not compatible with ProVAL.

Once you save a project in ProVAL, the imported files will be automatically converted to the PPF format. The converted files are usually much more compact and efficient than the old formats, especially when the old formats are in text (ASCII).

You can import text-based files, but not Excel files. If you save your Excel file as a CSV or TXT file, you should be able to import it.

Are there any training workshops for ProVAL?

Yes! We have been offering ProVAL workshops to assist users to:

  • familiarize themselves with the current version of the Profile Viewer and Analyzer software,
  • refresh key fundamentals of profiling and analysis methods,
  • gain knowledge on the advantages, limitations, and pitfalls related to analyzing and interpreting pavement profiles, and
  • provide an interactive and hands-on approach throughout the workshop.

See the Workshops page for further details.