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FHWA DQMP Report Published

FHWA has just published one of our recent reports by @TheTranstecGroup and @Wood on the Data Quality Management Plan (DQMP). This report is the Phase I report entitled “Successful Practices for Quality Management of Pavement Surface Condition Data Collection and Analysis. This document’s performance measures include International Roughness Index (IRI), cracking, rutting, and faulting. This document is a living document to assist US State Highway Administration in improving their DQMP for States’ asset management and the data submitted to the US Highway Performance Management System (HPMS). Any readers can download this report from this URL ( The final DQMP report will include lessons-learn from pilot projects of applying this document to the data quality management at the Alabama Department of Transportation (DOT), Washing State DOT, and Pennsylvania DOT. The same principles can also be useful for any data quality management around the world.