Release Notes 3.1

Known Issues

  • Projects or Input Sets from ProVAL 2.x that are saved in a different region than your system can’t be opened by ProVAL 3.x. This is due to the different default number formats throughout the world.
  • Creation of the MS Excel Report may fail with long file and/or profile names since Excel imposes a limit of 31 characters on sheet names.
  • Installation requires elevated privileges on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • While not directly related to the software, you may encounter issues downloading pv3 or pv3at files when using MS Internet Explorer.

3.10.0135: February 2, 2011


  • RQ Analysis Templates were not being imported correctly from 3.0. This meant new projects could not be created and existing projects could not be opened.

Analysis – Smoothness Assurance

  • Strategy delete was operating on the current strategy, rather than the item selected in the toolbar.

3.10.0134: January 14, 2011


  • PPF Reader was modified to accomodate files written by a previous version of ProVAL that contained -1 for an array size.
  • PPF Writer was writing the incorrect offets for the metadata and longitudinal offsets.

3.10.0133: January 3, 2011


  • Double-clicking a file does not load the file correctly.
  • When importing a Texas PRO file, a series of event markers with the value of ‘9’ will be imported as one exclusion section, rather than individual event markers.
  • Added detection for the Center profile.


  • The text representation of the Moving Average Bandpass filter was incorrect.
  • The full version number was not shown in the About window.

Analysis – Ride Quality

  • The Baselength and Threshold inputs were being shown for the Full-length analysis.


  • Software crashed when saving filtered profiles before the project file had been saved.
  • Changing the Section Type in the dropdown will now take effect immediately, rather than having to wait for the dropdown to lose focus (ie, hitting Enter or changing to a different grid cell).

3.10.0132: November 29, 2010


  • Some templates from 3.0 are not being imported correctly. After downloading this version, please delete your existing 3.1 template file.

3.10.0131: November 23, 2010


  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 is required.


  • The Automated Faulting Module (AFM) Analysis has been added.


  • Significant changes were made to the ProVAL project format. Hence, the file extension has changed from “pv3” to “pvp”. The analysis template extension has changed from “pv3at” to “pvat”. This should be a permanent change and we can move away from putting the version number in the extension. Of course this means PV 3.0 cannot open 3.1 files.


  • The toolbar interface has been simplified to use less space. It is no longer possible to minimize the toolbar.