Release Notes 2

2.73.0033 – November 24, 2008


  • Another fix for the list of recent projects.
  • Chart zooming could crash the software in a certain circumstance.


  • Ames – Event markers locations were imported incorrectly.
  • ProVAL Projects could not load PPF filenames that began with “0” (zero).

2.73.0032 – July 2, 2008


  • The list of recent projects in the File menu would sometimes list a project more than once. Hopefully this release will fix this once and for all.
  • Misc cosmetic fix.


  • The longitudinal sensor spacing array was not being created correctly when importing KJ Law Text files. This would cause a crash when trying to edit the file.
  • KJ Law – The End Kilometer Post and End Mile Post metadata was being saved in End Station instead of in End Reference Marker.
  • KJ Law – Climatic Conditions was being saved in Ambient Temperature.
  • Ames – The County Name was not being read in correctly.
  • Ames – The default Point Reset Start value was off by one point.
  • Ames – Files missing the first profile would not load.

Analysis – Continuous Ride Statistics

  • After adding files to the project while in this analysis, profiles that were previously checked would show as unchecked.

2.73.0031 – May 1, 2008


  • Fixed: The software may crash when hovering over an event marker after filtering.

Smoothness Assurance

  • Fixed: When using MRI and Raw Profile with no filter, only the Left Channel was being shown in the before grinding chart.
  • Fixed: Drop-down for the Grinding Location Direction was too small.
  • Change: Removed the number of passes in the grinding location report.

2.73.0030 – April 1, 2008

No, it’s not an April’s Fool joke; we really are doing a release today. The file size has jumped considerably due to the inclusion of a third-party DLL that is now necessary to prevent crashing.


  • Fixed: Random crashes. If you are still having issues after installing this update, please notify us.


  • Fixed: New code from Ames for loading their files. It is recommended to re-import your files and re-run analyses.

2.73.0029 – February 26, 2008


  • Fixed: Better support for Dynatest files that use ‘reverse stationing’.


  • Fixed: Clicking on a blank area in the grid would cause the software to crash.

2.73.0027 – January 4, 2008


  • NEW: Added features to export Chart images to the Windows Clipboard or to a file.


  • FIXED: The Distance Offset unit displayed in the History was incorrect.

2.73.0026 – December 10, 2007


  • FIXED: Projects from ProVAL 2.72 and earlier could not be opened.

2.73.0025 – December 7, 2007


  • NEW: Added Profiler Certification Analysis.
  • CHANGE: Revised Cross-Correlation Analysis.
  • CHANGE: Improved determination of when to clear analysis results after changes have been made to a profile.


  • NEW: Event marker type, Lead-in, and Lead-out values added to the PPF file.
  • NEW: Lead-in and Lead-out values are automatically set for new files. These values can be changed in the Editor and they are displayed as event markers.
  • FIXED: KJLaw Text files could not be opened.


  • NEW: Added Lead-in and Lead-out.
  • FIXED: Reversing the profile would cause existing event markers to be displaced by one point.


  • FIX: The report may have had cosmetic display issues, due to an old file.

Profilograph Simulation

  • CHANGE: Limit the number of profiles to 10.

Smoothness Assurance

  • FIX: Comparison analysis inputs showed USCS values and units, even if the unit system was set to Metric.
  • FIX: Crash if no files are in the project.

2.72.0018 – June 29, 2007

  • CHANGE – The report was slightly modified so that Excel 2002 could open it.

Smoothness Assurance

  • FIX – The histogram would report incorrect numbers when the difference between the lower and upper bounds was not a multiples of the class interval.

2.72.0017 – June 11, 2007

  • CHANGE – The installation will not try to install .NET 2.0. Please already have this installed.


  • NEW – Added an option to manually select the path for Excel. If the path wasn’t automatically detected, you can set it here.

2.72.0016 – May 29, 2007
Analysis – Precision and Bias

  • FIX – Part of the Validation before the analysis was being performed.


  • FIX – Event markers not always shown.


  • FIX – Hovering the mouse over an event could cause a crash if Point Reset was being used.

2.72.0015 – May 23, 2007
File Input and Output

  • FIX – PPF file writing compatibility improved.

Analysis – Profilograph Simulation

  • FIX – The analysis would crash if one of the selected channel(s) in a file was marked as being a Left Channel.

2.72.0014 – May 4, 2007

  • CHANGE – The software requirements for installation have been drastically changed. Please check the Installation Guide to prevent issues while installing.


  • NEW – Added ability to export grids to files.
  • NEW – Added ability to directly export grids to Excel.
  • CHANGE – ‘Show Event Markers’ is now checked by default.

File Input and Output

  • NEW – For Dynatest files, lines 5417 will be imported as events.
  • NEW – AMES LDF format can now be imported. Import of the upcoming ADF format will be added when it is available.
  • FIX – ERD files that contain GAIN could not be opened.
  • FIX – Old Input Sets may not have been imported.
  • FIX – PPF files without channel titles can be imported.
  • CHANGE – Updated the versions strings written in PPF files.
  • FIX – After importing KJ Law files, it may not have been possible to set the sensor spacing (unconfirmed).


  • FIX – Files with event markers in the cropped or filtered out area could not reopened after being saved.
  • NEW – Added ability to directly export grids to Excel.


  • CHANGE – Simplified the screen.
  • NEW – Added ability to directly export the report to Excel, sans charts.
  • FIX – Events are now listed in order by distance.

Analysis – Profilograph Simulation

  • CHANGE – Instead of displaying both the Raw and Rounded Profilograph Index, you select one.
  • CHANGE – If a left and right channel are selected, the Average for the selected index will be shown.
  • FIX – The mouse tooltip could cause a crash in the outputs screen.
  • FIX – Closing a project that has used the Profilograph analysis and starting a new project, could cause the Profilograph to not let you select any channels.
  • CHANGE – Changing the Filter Type for a channel now affects all channels in that file.

Analysis – Ride Statistics at Intervals

  • CHANGE – Instead of displaying all ride indices, you select one ride index. Two new sets of indices are now available: HRI and IRI, MRI and IRI.

Analysis – Rolling Straightedge

  • FIX – Automatic formatting of the Straightedge Length could lead to unintended numbers.

Analysis – Smoothness Assurance

  • FIX – If any Grinding Strategy other than One Grind is selected, changing the File to analyze would cause the software to crash.
  • CHANGE – Increased number of decimal places for Ride Quality Indices.

2.71.0008 – February 8, 2007

  • FIX – Progress window would sometimes not go away after a lengthy operation.

File Input and Output

  • FIX – Event markers in Dynatest files were sometimes not loaded with the correct unit, causing the editor to freeze.

Analysis – Ride Statistics at Intervals

  • CHANGE – Improved formatting of distance.

2.71.0007 – December 14, 2006
Analysis – Ride Statistics Segmented

  • FIX – Segments lengths in the analysis were off by one point, which could cause some analyses to fail.

Analysis – Smoothness Assurance

  • FIX – Segments lengths in the fixed-interval analysis were off by one point, which could cause some analyses to fail.

2.71.0006 – November 14, 2006
File Input

  • FIX – Regression in previous build caused some Dynatest files to use the wrong unit for the sample interval.


  • FIX – When loading an input set, the values were not loaded using the unit system the user had currently selected.
  • FIX – When switching to an analysis, the charts were sometimes not showing the correct zoom range.
  • FIX – Corrected the use of Point Reset in all analyses.

Analysis – Profilograph

  • FIX – Adding multiple segments did not work when the segment unit was in miles or kilometers.

Analysis – Ride Statistics Segmented

  • CHANGE – Precision of displayed distances changed.

Analysis – Smoothness Assurance

  • FIX – Histogram sometimes showed too many intervals.
  • CHANGE – Precision of displayed distances changed for the fixed-interval report.


  • FIX – Charts were not being initialized correctly, causing profilograph segments to show on non-profilograph charts and the legend was not always drawn correctly.

2.71.0005 – November 1, 2006

  • CHANGE – In order to improve usability and consistency, the use of the Section Title has been discontinued. Profiles will always be displayed using the filename with the extension.
  • FIX – After using the open or save dialog to navigate to a folder, you are unable to delete the folder until the software exits.

File Input and Output

  • CHANGE – Added importing of Dynatest event markers.
  • FIX – Corrected import of Dynatest files that use a location unit of miles.feet.
  • FIX – Addition of file trailer to PPF files, as defined in the specification.
  • FIX – Event markers stored in PPF files were being cleared or not displayed when the file was opened.
  • FIX – You are no longer allowed to open additional files with the same names of previously loaded files.
  • CHANGE – Renaming a file in the Viewer will also rename the file on the system, if a PPF file exists. Remember, when you import a non-PPF file, it is not automatically saved to the PPF file format. This saving does not occur until the Project is saved. More than likely this will be changed in a future version to improve transparency.


  • CHANGE – Improved performance of loading profiles.
  • FIX – Improved tooltip support for charts.
  • FIX – Changing an elevation value could cause the software to crash.
  • FIX – New elevation values that were not numeric were being replaced incorrectly.
  • CHANGE – Various improvements to improve stability and clarity.
  • CHANGE – Added a Set Event button to prevent a file from being updated each time the event text changed.

Analysis – Localized Roughness

  • FIX – Analysis was continuing even if there was a problem with the selected profiles.
  • FIX – Corrected error message text.

Analysis – Rolling Straightedge (TX-1001-S)

  • FIX – Corrected display of acceleration unit in the grid and the printed report.

Analysis – Continuous Ride Statistics

  • CHANGE – Added Min or Max to the Ride Statistic column header and in the printed report.

2.70.0004 – September 7, 2006
IRI Analyses

  • FIX – The 250-mm moving average filter was not handled properly when selected during IRI analyses.

2.70.0003 – August 31, 2006

  • CHANGE – The installation has been modified so that you do not necessarily need to be an administrator to install the software. If the security policy for your computer has been set to always install software with elevated privileges, then you should be able to install the software without being an admin.
  • CHANGE – A minimum of Windows Installer 3.0 is required to install the software. This means you must be running Windows 2000 SP3 or Windows XP.

File Input and Output

  • NEW – The following properties were added to each file: Profiler Type, Country Name, State/Province Name, Wind Speed, Wind Direction.
  • CHANGE – The code for reading and writing PPF files has been modified to account for the clarifications in version 1.02 of the file specification. Versions of ProVAL before 2.7 will not be able to open these PPF files.
  • CHANGE – The Adjusted Longitudinal Sample Interval in PPF files is no longer used.
  • CHANGE – Event markers are now stored in the PPF files instead of the ProVAL project file (PV2).
  • CHANGE – The values for profile offset and point reset (start and stop indices) are now saved in the PPF file.
  • CHANGE – ProVAL 1 Project files (PA1) are no longer supported.
  • NEW – Event markers from Texas files are now imported.
  • FIX – Enabled import of Dynatest (RSP) files that contain new units.


  • FIX – Report buttons are now enabled and disabled correctly.
  • NEW – Added option to select whether or not to print the Profiles chart.
  • NEW – Added ability to print selected files.
  • NEW – File reporting now includes all file information.
  • NEW – Report now includes the version of ProVAL that was used to create the report.
  • NEW – Report includes Project name (‘Untitled’ by default).

User Interface

  • CHANGE – Minor cosmetic changes.
  • CHANGE – Close button has been removed from the toolbar.
  • CHANGE – A new project is now always created on startup.
  • CHANGE – Progress window was rewritten to display better.
  • NEW – All charts can be exported to CSV files.
  • NEW – All tables can be copied to the clipboard.
  • CHANGE – Edit Profile Properties and Edit Profile Data have been replaced with a unified Editor.
  • CHANGE – The tan chart line color has been replaced by green.
  • CHANGE – Unit text has been moved from the right of text boxes to be included with the label associated with the text box to improve Section 508 compliance.
  • CHANGE – Unit text has been standardized across the software.
  • CHANGE – Opening files no longer switch the view back to the profiles windows. If you open files from the Editor, Report, and Analysis windows, the list of list of files will be reloaded for that view.
  • FIX – View menus now have checkmarks.
  • FIX – Correct axis label formats and axis location for all charts.
  • FIX – Corrected Y-axis labels for some plots.


  • FIX – If you make changes to the options, click OK, open the options again, click cancel, and open the options again, the values previously saved will not appear correct.
  • CHANGE – Form rewritten to display all options at once.
  • NEW – Added ability to set the default analysis.
  • NEW – Added the ability to select which analyses are enabled. Disabled analyses will not appear in the Analysis menu.

Editor – Data

  • FIX – Values should now always be in reasonable units.
  • CHANGE – Profile offset and interval are now set separately.
  • NEW – Point reset is shown using a shaded area.
  • NEW – Added a reverse feature.

Editor – Filters

  • NEW – Added ability filter profiles and view before and after results. Results can be saved to a different file. Filters that do not output elevation (IRI and PTRN) can not be saved.
  • NEW – Added ability to crop profiles and the save the results to a different file. Cropping can be used after filtering or no filtering.

Editor – Properties

  • NEW – Properties whose value come from a selection of values (such as Climatic Conditions) have a dropdown available in the grid.
  • NEW – All changes made to the profile are shown in the History.

Analyses – General

  • CHANGE – Vehicle Velocity and pre-processor filters have been removed from all of the Ride Statistics analyses.
  • NEW – Applicable analyses have an input to select an input set.
  • CHANGE – The Butterworth Filter analysis has been removed.
  • CHANGE – The input tables have been replaced by text boxes when possible.
  • FIX – Butterworth pre-processor filters have been replaced with significantly improved versions.
  • NEW – User-defined input setups can be created, imported, and exported for applicable analyses.

Localized Roughness

  • FIX – Enforce limit of one file.

Precision and Bias

  • CHANGE – User interface was revised.

Profilograph Simulation

  • FIX – Allow zooming on the y-axis, however no vertical scroll bars will be shown.
  • FIX – Corrected segment output on the Report.
  • FIX – Allow addition of single segments before 0.

Power Spectral Density

  • FIX – Y-axis title changed.

Ride Statistics

  • CHANGE – Removed limitation of 10 files.

Ride Statistics at Intervals

  • FIX – Analysis has been modified to use a dynamic number of points per interval as opposed to a static number of points. This will generally only affect very long profiles.

Ride Statistics Continuous

  • CHANGE – CSV Export button has been removed since all analyses include export capabilities now.

Rolling Straightedge.

  • CHANGE – User interface was revised.

Smoothness Assurance

  • CHANGE – Removed adjustments button.
  • FIX – Fixed interval analysis has been modified to use a dynamic number of points per interval as opposed to a static number of points. This will generally only affect very long profiles.
  • NEW – The total grinding length grinded by the grinding strategy is displayed.
  • CHANGE – ‘Bump’ and ‘Dip’ warnings renamed to ‘High straightedge response’ and ‘Low straightedge response’, respectively.
  • FIX – Removing a file after it has been analyzed and going back to the analysis would cause the software to crash.
  • FIX – Removing a file after it has been analyzed would cause the analysis to be inaccessible.