ProVAL News

ProVAL 3.61 Released

There are a substantial number of minor changes and a few new features in this version. The changes are listed in the Release Notes and also provided below.

Download ProVAL 3.61


  • Software would crash when dragging a file onto the chart.
  • Chart legend did not update when renaming a file or profile.


  • Events and Sections are now automatically sorted by their start distance.
  • Changing the lead-in or lead-out did not update the length.


  • Changing the folder for reports did not update the folder shown on the screen.


  • Checkboxes with profile names sometimes showed the incorrect name.
  • The sample interval shown in the profile selector is now limited to two decimal places.

Analysis – Automated Faulting

  • To better follow the requirements of AASHTO R36 Section 5, the sample interval is now required to be no more than 38 mm (1.5 in.). Due to this limitation, the sample interval is now displayed in the profile selector for easy reference.
  • The x-axis for joint spacing charts was not formatted according to the computer’s regional settings.

Analysis – Profile Certification

  • Software would crash when changing an input.

Analysis – Ride Quality

  • Analysis results were not mapped correctly when the selected file used a distance offset.
  • For the overall analysis, the first point was being marked as a leave-out. The effect was unlikely to be noticed when using real-world profiles.
  • Improved the labels for the chart legends and table columns for “HRI and IRI” and “MRI and IRI”.
  • Tables did not load correctly when a file or profile had a “.” in the name.

Analysis – Smoothness Assurance

  • Grinding locations and analysis results were not mapped correctly when the selected file used a distance offset.
  • Text and Excel reports for the comparison and before/after grinding profiles are now created.
  • Text reports that used different files for before and after grinding results have been merged.
  • After grinding results for the comparison charts were labeled as before grinding results.
  • The fixed-interval legend was missing the after grinding entry.
  • Fixed an issue where the SAM results screens didn’t remember their settings when changing to another area of the software and then back to SAM.