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ProVAL 3.61.17 Released

ProVAL 3.61.17 is a minor update which includes various fixes for the Editor. Changes are listed in the Release Notes and also provided below.

Download ProVAL 3.61.17

File Import

  • Fix: Ames provided a correction to fix a problem where event locations from ARD files were sometimes offset. You will need to re-import the ARD files to get the corrected events. PPF files from Ames do not need to be re-imported.


  • Fix: Printing fixed-interval or histogram charts caused the software to crash.


  • Fix: Saving filtered profiles no longer prints a crop message in the history. Profiles were not actually cropped because filtering does not affect the profile length.
  • Fixed: When pasting sections, the stop points could extend past the length of the profile if the source was a shorter profile.

Analysis – Profilograph

  • Fix: Charts used the wrong elevation unit if centimeters was selected. Tables were unaffected.

Analysis – Smoothness Assurance

  • Fix: Lengths for histogram bins did not account for leave-outs. Percentages were correct.